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Our work here at Technology & Employment Connections doesn't stop at finding work for our Job Seeker. It extends to you the employer and your business as well. We pre-screen all our job seekers to find the right fit, this means your getting someone you know can do the job. While our onsite training help take some of the pressures of hire new staff off your team. We provide tools and  accommodations for your new employee as well as help them manage and plan there transportation to work, helping to create more dependable employees. And because we are a non-profit our services to you are free.

Why TEC?

    We NEVER charge a fee to the
employer or job candidate

   Prescreened, qualified
candidates are recommended for
your business needs

   Employers may receive 90 days
of support during the initial
employment period

   We offer additional on-the-job
training and support for our
candidates at no cost to you

   All of our candidates are tax
credit eligible. You could
potentially receive a $2,400 credit
for each person we refer to you
and you hire

   In some cases, staff training and
education may be available

Community Based

We regularly seek out businesses who
are willing to host short term
assessments at their place of
employment. This gives us insight to the
job candidate’s strengths and skills as
well as additional training needs. We
carry and cover all insurance liability for
employers who participate in this


The following are links to resources and
websites that may be of benefit to you
when you hire through TEC:

Advantages of a TEC Partnership:

  • Highly skilled staff with multiple
    areas of expertise

  • We can assist our candidates with
    your new hire orientation and
    completion of required employment

  • On-The-Job Training at no cost to

  • We advertise our partnership on
    our website using your logo

  • We are fully insured and there is no
    liability cost to you when you host a
    community based assessment

  • Our services are always free to you
    and your business

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