TEC offers a variety of services to job seekers and the employers who

                 hire them. Services include but are not limited to the following:


Job Placement

TEC offers customized job placement services in the community where the job seeker lives or wants to work. Jobs are developed based upon the stated interests of the job seeker and the availability of job in the community. Assistance is given in developing a resume, cover letters, as needed, interviewing skills and applying for jobs whether in person, at a kiosk, online or by using paper and pen. TEC staff will go to the job interview at the job seeker's request and will assist in the negotiation of start date and identifying transportation and required clothing.

Job Retention

Once a job seeker has obtained a job, they have the option of having a 90 retention period. During this time, TEC staff meet or call the new employee and their employer to follow up on any concerns or needs. TEC staff work with both employers and employees to make sure that natural supports are in place to ensure their successful retention of employment.

Community Based Assessments

For individuals who have limited work experience or who want to learn if a career choice is a good fit for their skill and interest level, a Community Based Assessment or CBA is offered. A CBA is a short term, unpaid work trial in a local business that has the type of work that the individual is interested in. There are 18 categories of assessment ranging from motor skills to aptitude. Once the CBA has been completed a report is written and shared with the individual and with the referring DVR Counselor.

Work Based Learning

This program is designed for high school students, giving them their first exposure to employment. The program is offer both in the summer and during the school year. The program is short term-up to 12 weeks at up to 11 hours per week. Students learn about their job duties from the employer and TEC staff teach the "soft" skills such ​attendance, punctuality, customer service interactions and other skills specific to a job site.

Independent Living Support Services

We provide 1:1 support in assisting individuals with a variety of services to aid in greater independence and safety. Some examples include obtaining housing, driver training prep and other services as contracted with the Division if Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR).


Other services: 

Other services may be available based upon grant awards or service contracts awarded.

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