Acing an Interview

Every job search has one common element--the interview. Think of job interviews as marketing your knowledge, skills and abilities; you are essentially asking the employer to purchase those talents. There are some key things that you should keep in mind when interviewing:

1. Know the company. Use the website to learn the history, its successes, and services/products offered. This knowledge shows that you are genuinely interested, and it may be that extra push you need to land the job.

2. Familiarize yourself with the job duties. Make sure the employer understands your qualifications. Identify key responsibilities and how you can meet those requirements.

3. Answer honestly if you don't have experience in a key job duty, but make sure you show how other experiences can be an asset for that task.

4. Ask questions at the end of the interview. Try to prepare questions ahead of time. If you forget to ask a question, or your prepared questions aren't answered during the interview, ask if you can have their email address. Be sure to follow up with questions via email.

5. Send a thank-you note! Employers have made hiring decisions based on whether or not the interviewee sent a thank-you note!

One last thing, turn your mobile phone off before going into an interview! Many times a phone set to vibrate can be heard and sends the message that you are not one hundred percent engaged in the interview.

Be persistent, and go to all interviews. The more you interview, the greater the chance that you will be hired!

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