What is "Mobile Technology"?

Technology & Employment Connections (TEC) will offer "mobile technology" as a featured service, but what is it, really? Quite simply, we will take our technology on the road! A variety of equipment will be purchased that will include tablets, laptops, scanners, printers and faxes. Using a remote hot spot such as Verizon's Jet Pack, job seekers will have the ability to seek, train and aply for employment in an occupation of their choosing. We will be offering this service especially for individuals who live in the more remote regions of our service area.

One example of using remote technology could include obtaining a food handler's certification. The training and test are available online and once the test is successfully completed, the certification can be printed. Using online resources saves time and travel expenses.

Mobile technology is a great opportunity to learn how devices and apps can aid in a job search and in learning new job duties. TEC staff will be available to offer 1:1 or small group training customized to individual need.

To find out more about mobile technology call TEC at 360.926.3019.

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